エレガンス ファミリー

Elegance FamilyImage yourself to walk through the artistic corridor displaying many beautiful oil paintings, then open the door to enter your spacious family residence, and you will see the delicate and bright room with the view of harbor in the left, and the view of Shoushan Park in the right. The light of sunset often shines on the windowsill which allows you to enjoy the cozy home atmosphere from sunshine, nature landscape of mountain, river and harbor.
The concise decoration of guest rooms surely brings warm and comfortable feeling to you. The brick partition, soundproof and fireproof materials of each room ensure the safety and privacy. Besides, our staff was well trained to provide intimate service for each guest. All of these facilities and service make Kingship the best choice for family vacation, sightseeing and traveling.
  • 高雄 民宿 エレガンス ファミリー
  • 高雄  バルコニー
  • 高雄 住宿 バスルーム
  • 高雄 民宿 ベット
  • 高雄 民宿 シャワールーム
  • 民宿 推薦 ビュー
  • 高雄  ルーム

エレガンス ファミリー

  • チェックイン 15:30後
    チェックアウト 12:00前
  • 標準宿泊人数: 4人
  • 朝食: 4人
  • ベット: ダブルベット×2
Inside the guest room, we prepare indoor slippers, tea bags, coffee packs, mineral water, cups set, letter paper/envelope/notepaper, ADSL access plug, 110V plug ,central air condition, fresh air convection system, thermos, a mini-refrigerator, a room phone, and TV with 90 channels. Inside the bathroom, we prepare complete articles for washing up, including toothbrush/ toothpaste, shower cap/comb, shower gel/shampoo, soap/ razor, cotton buds/ dental floss and a hair dryer, also a bathroom phone.
The whole building is installed with temperature sensor and smoke detection system and the marbles floor boards to separate room carpets and corridor carpets. The curtains and carpets are both fireproof. There are escape ropes, torch, smoke-proof bags in each room to ensure your safety in case of accidence.

ヴィラ ガーデンビュー

備 考:
  • お部屋の価格は税込みです。(朝食含む)
  • チェックイン15:30:チェックアウト12:00

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